Conquest of Agor Isle: A campaign introduction

There are few maps in the Empire on which one could find Agor isle. This small island not so far from the coasts of Old World lied long far away of interest of many. As far as myths can say, it was inhabited by elves ages ago. They built a high tower in the heart of the island and filled it with magic. Long time after they had left the island it was rediscovered by orc explorers who set a colony there. In present days, only mossy ruins of elven tower and orc idol carved into solid rock remind visitors of island's distand history. It's now inhabited by sparse loner communities spread accross the island who got used to peaceful rural life. But that is about to change. Recently the word spread that the mountains of the Agor isle are rich on precious metals and its valleys are still filled with powerful energy and magic. Dragged like by a magnet fleets are landing one after another along the coast, spewing adventurers, nobles and generals with their armies ready to battle their way to the precious and powerful resources. The conques of the Agor isle has just begun.    

Conquest of Agor Isle is a Warmaster campaign run by our Czech Warmaster community. You can find the campaign rules  HERE

There are currently six leaders ready to grab as much of the islan's resources as possible:

Chaos leader Tore Bloodhorn with small skaven alied force (grey)
Toomb King Akhemthep II (blue)
Bretonnian general Godefroy Tirasse (yellow)
Orc warboss Gor'bul (green)
Arabian prince Nidal nib Anasu (red)
Kislevite general Boris Dolgorukij (orange)

If all goes as planned all the moves and battles will be recorded and published.

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