Battle Report: Skaven x Undead 2000pts

Undead Tomb Kings Army, 2000 points 
180 -  6 Skeletons
180 -  4 Skeleton Bowmen
660 -  6 Skeleton Chariots
130 -  2 Carrion
125 -  1 Bone Giant
170 -  2 Skull Chukka
180 -  1 Tomb King
    -  1 Helm of Dominion (50)
375 -  3 Liche Priest
    -  1 Zombie Dragon (100)
    -  1 Sword of Fate (5)
2000 - 21/11

Skaven Army, 2000 points
Warmaster Armies
 200 -  5 Clanrats
 220 -  4 Stormvermin
 140 -  2 Jezzails
 280 -  4 Plague Monks
 150 -  6 Rat Swarms
 320 -  2 Rat Ogres
     -  1 Battle Banner (50)
     -  1 Banner of Shielding (50)
 100 -  2 Warp Lightning Cannon
 125 -  1 Doom Wheel
 125 -  1 Screaming Bell
 160 -  1 Grey Seer
     -  1 Orb of Majesty (30)
 150 -  2 Hero
     -  1 Sword of Destruction (10)
  30 -  1 Warlock
2000 - 27/14
Here they are – our first clash of skaven and undead armies. Both on 2000pts.
After 2nd turn.
From left to right.
·        left wing
o   1st brigade: 2x RatSwarms, Plague monks, Stormvermin, Clanrats
o   2nd brigade: 1x Warp cannon, 1x Jezzails
·        center
o   3rd „huge“ brigade: first line is made by 4xRatswarms (on picture left RatSwarm is reduced by Skull Chakkas), behind from left ro right:
§  Plague monks, Rat ogres (with battle banner), Clanrats, Stormvermin, Doomwheel, Storvermin (supported by clanrats), Clanrats supported by Screaming bell, Rat ogres (with banner of shielding) supported by Plague monks
·        right wing
o   4th brigade: 1x Warp cannon, 1x Jezzails, Clanrats, Plague monks, Stormvermin

·        right wing (on the left side of picture)
o   1st brigade: 1x Carrions,
o   2nd brigade: 3x Chariots,
o   3rd brigade: 2x Skull chakka
·        Center
o   4
o   th brigade (behind): 1x archers, 1x skeletons, Bone giant, 1x skeletons,
o   5th brigade (ahead): 1x archers supported by skeletons, 1x skeletons in column
o   6th brigade (in wood): 2x archers supported by skeletons (right aside is priest on dragon)
·        left wing (on the right side of picture)
o   7th brigade: 3x chariots,
o   8th brigade: 1x Carrions
Skaven: Screaming bell canceled Terror for Clanrats and Rat ogres (with banner of shielding) on the right side (Plague monks are immune by themselves ).  So it was good protection against terrorizing undead drake,…

3rd skaven turn
Skaven: moved to compact positions (line)

3rd undead turn after move
Undead center makes a line. Both wings are charging.

Both skaven wings are instantly crushed :-/ , but chariots are reduced.

4th skaven turn
Skaven: I have two options. Either evade and try to stop both wings, or move ahead and charge pure skeletons. I chose second option – charge.
On initiative I charged both wings with clanrats (left) and rat swarm (right).
Here it is after first order/move of huge brigade.

Result of second order (chargé) was 11. So I used Orb of majesty and charged… everything.

I have too luck, but not enough. One wound left to break undead army. Skaven army was on 10 from 14.
Undead army counter-charged nearby skaven units and destroyed 3 of them – Rat ogres (top left), Warp cannon and Jezzails (bottom right) (13/14).

5th skaven turn
Skaven doom wheel charged on initiative Skull chakka and destroy them. Undead army was broken and fled. But Skaven losts nearby 1000pts, Undead only 800pts. So it was tie.