Warmaster Revolution v1.0 rulebook and compendium download

Alright, it's been some 7 months since releasing the first beta version of Warmaster Revolution rules. After lots of playtesting including a number of tournaments, we think we have seen enough to release the first full version of the rules.  Many thanx to all who made this possible. Thanx for all the interest and discussions.

You can download the document here:

 WMR v1.0 Rulebook download

Here you can see the same document with marked changes to v0.5:

For those who are not satified with just basic pitched battles and prefer to go deeper into the art of war(master), we present the Warmaster Revolution Compendium. In this document in addition to the main rules you will find a compilation of some scenarios, rules for siege (based on Warmuster magazine issue 2) and rules for running campaigns (based on Warhammer Mighty Empires Supplement).
Hope you will enjoy it.

 WMR v1.0 Compendium Rulebook download

Our next aim will be to set proper Warmaster Revolution website where all the changes to classic WM rules would be listed along with other stuff. We also work on finishing the army lists and transfering them to WM army selector.

Stay tunned.


Warmaster Revolution Armies v0.1

Warmaster Rules Committee is happy to present first version of army lists designed to fit WMR environment. The Committee was established for this very purpose and consists of dedicated players from across the international Warmaster community.

At this stage 20 of 23 armies planned to be worked on are ready in the presented document. Remaining 3 armies (Wood Elves, Beastmen and Norse) are still under construction and it might take some time before they are done.

You can download the document here:

Warmaster Revolution Armies v0.1

List of changes:

  • 1 - Screaming Bell Clarification
  • 2 - Araby Elephant Mount +1 Att
  • 3 - Steam Tank No Retreat / Confusion
  • 4 - Iron Guts to 140pts
  • 5 - Ogre Bulls to 105pts
  • 6 - Gerroff!!! Clarification
  • 7 - Helblaster Misfire Table
  • 8 - Araby Guards to 65pts
  • 9 - Empire Skirmisher Restrictions
  • 10 - Bone Thrower Change Damage
  • 11 - Grail Reliquae to 60pts
  • 12 - Gyrocopter 360 LOS
  • 13 - Witch Hunter Items Removed
  • 14 - Kislev War Wagon
  • 15 - Dogs of War Tuska to Giant
  • 16 - Empire Handgunners upgrade to Crossbowmen
  • 17 - Kislev Yozhin Standardisation
  • 18 - Stone Throwers Shooting Blind
  • 19 - Doom Diver Power Down
  • 20 - Peasants supporting charge
  • 21 - DoW Pikemen Defended vs Cav
  • 22 - Goblins Hero Wyvern Mount
  • 23 - Wolfhounds (and similar) to 40pts
  • 24 - Rhinox Riders changes
  • 25 - Goblin drop "Fear Elves" rule
  • 26 - Goblins drop "Animosity" rule
  • 27 - Movement Spells, no supporting charge
  • 28 - Empire - Weird Enchantment Clarification
  • 29 - Daemon army list - daemonic instability
  • 30 - Chaos Warriors to 140pts
  • 31 - Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses redefined
  • 32 - Ogre Leadbelchers as CD Blunderbusses
  • 33 - Ogre Scrap Launcher to be added
  • 34 - Ogre Butcher Rhinox mount
  • 35 - Dragon Ogres Immune to Terror


Warmaster Revolution v0.5 update

There is new version of Warmaster Revolution v1.0.

Warmaster Revolution v0.5 is now published.

There are two documents:

  • ONE has the changes to the previous version marked and commented so you can easily find them. 
  • THE OTHER is without marks.

If we don't run into any unspotted serious issue, this will be the last beta version ready to turn into live v1.0.

Many thanx to all who contributed to the rules issues and to those who helped us to hunt down typos and language revisions. Much appreciated!


Download links:


Bretonnian Journal of the quest to the island of Agor - Entry 3 (skirmish with Kislev)

Journal of the quest to the island of Agor

Entry 3 – Skirmish with Kislev

After the unsuccessful attack on the fithy vermin scouting force, forces of Godefroy Tirasse quickly regrouped and headed for the area we knew was rich with gold – mountains in the center of the Island of Agor and the river which springs in them.
Obviously, we were not the only ones sweeping that area and encountered a considerable force of Kislevite soldiers.
Godefroy Tirasse sent a messenger to demand that they leave the area immediately. However, instead of message of acknowledgement, the messenger came running back, without his horse and covered in horse urine, and with a word that the Kislevites started moving forward.
This angered Godefroy Tirasse largely and he ordered his forces to move forward in the center while ordering a part of his units to flank the enemy and capture the hill on the left side of the battlefield. On the left wing, things were going better and the hill was captured.
Kislev general apperently had a similar strategy on his mind and sent his cavalry to flank our forces on the opposite side of the battlefield, around the hills which, as one of the peasants noted, looked like tits.

Our commander sent out orders to move away from the cavalry threatening us on the right and focus on the infantry which the knights should easily crush. However, the orders were only partially fulfilled with the peasants and reliquae moving slightly forward and the cavalry in the center remaining stationary.

This allowed the cavalry to ceise opportunity and charge the cavalry head on, while outnumbering it. Luckily, one third of the charging Winged Lancers fell behind and did not make it for the main charge. Boris Dolgorukyj, the chief commander of the Kislevite forces on the island was so eager to see our cavalry destroyed, that he joined the charge himself.
Squires got the brunt of the charge and bravely slowed the charging enemy so that they did not have enough momentum to roll over Grail Knights as well. Achieving such a feet cost the squires their lives, which they gladly gave away for their lords as commoners should always do to protect their lords.
So furious was their charge that the Winged Lancers carelessly got to the position where our Pegassus riders could charge them from behind. And so they did and took the unit which Boris Dolgorukyj joined between the hammer of charging Pegassus Knights and Grail Knights retreating in an orderly fashion. Kislevite cavaly was thrown into disarray and all but annihilated and Boris Dolgorukyj suffered serious wounds while trying to hastily organize defence.
He was carried away by his retinue and the kislev forces retreated, giving us opportunity to seize part of the mountains and the upper stream of the river and start building mines there. Eagreness of Boris Dolgorukyj cost him the battle and allowed us to celebrate first major victory in this campaign.