Bretonnian Journal of the quest to the island of Agor - Entries 1 and 2 (landing and battle against Skaven)

Journal of the quest to the island of Agor

Entry 1 – Arrival at the Island of Agor

A few months ago, the King was told that a merchant fleet of one of his vassals accidentally came across the island of Agor They found the armour of Conratt de Grantrue during a brief sweep of the island, who was a famous knight favoured by the Lady greatly and who went there to search for reliquaes. Signs of greenskin presence were discovered as well.
So it happened that Godefroy Tirras, who already had his time with greenskins, was standing on the deck of his flagship approaching the coast of that island, leading a campaign to claim the reliquaes which Conratt de Grantrue was looking for. The armour was declared a reliquae and was aboard one of the ships, to boost the morale of the troops.
Besides the glorious warships of the bretonnian lords, some lowly barques joined the fleet, with commoners on board, attracted by the presence of the newly declared reliquae, and undoubtedly, also by the prospect of fame and fortune. Many lords did not welcome their presence among the host of such a noble quest, but Godefroy Tirras knew well how to make use of them. And he also knew that he would need to, as there were reports of other fleets approaching the island of Agor.

Entry 2 – Battle against ratmen

When we landed, Godefroy Tirras sent a group of Pegasus Knights to scout the direction to the center of the island. They reported presence of a small group of ratmen.

No sooner was Godefroy Tirras apprised of this fact than he set of with some of our units to meet them head on.

The swarm started moving ahead, so Godefroy Tirras ordered a brigade of Grail Pilgrims carrying the Reliquae into the small wood in the center of the battlefield, sent brigade of Grail Knights and Squires to flank the skaven from the right, Pegasus knights to flang them from the left and kept his men-at-atms and a unit of Knights in reserves. Grail Pilgrims were meant to be the bait to lure the filthy beasts to the open ground, where our cavalry would easily destroy them.

This strategy appeared to be working well, as the skaven forces drew closer to the forest, but then they stopped in a defendable position between a hill on their left side and a different forest keeping their right flank safe from our cavalry.

As the ratmen stopped their advance, Godefroy Tirras sent flanking cavalry brigade forward and ordered them to keep behind the abandoned farm. Men-at-arms and the remaining Knights moved behind the forest in order to remain out of range of the infamous skaven warp lightning cannons.

Then, unexpectadly, the skaven forces have split into two smaller forces one of which remaind by the forest and the other one moved to the top of the hill.

Edouart Lamben, one of the Bretonnian high-born liege lords urged Godefroy Tirras to exploit the division of ratmen forces and order his cavalry to charge, insisting on his cavalry being able to reduce the paltry rats to pulped meat under the hoofs of their horses. And so Godefroy Tirras did and ordered a full scale charge on the right wing, flanking the skaven from the right whilst fixing the center in combat, hoping to create enough confusion to make the skaven start killing each other while trying to escape their inevitable doom. However, despite using the magical properties of the Orb of Majesty, brigade of Grail Pilgrims fell behind and did not make it in time for the fight.

But when Edouart Lamben started his glorious charge, assuming the point of the hedge formation himself, on his pegassus, the promise to destroy the skaven scum, which made to Godefroy Tirras, turned out to be overconfident. The ratmen took a good defensive position and were using the higher ground to their advantage. Cavalry charge lost some of its momentum on the way up the slope and the crushing impact to the packed mass of furred bodies was turned into a rather even combat. As the mighty knights and their squires lost speed, they retreated and were pusruit by the surprisingly swift mass of skaven with a unit of rat ogres in front.

The fight did not go well on in the center of the battlefield either and the unit of knigts was repeled by the skaven formation.

And then, the foul ratmen took an initiative and started to surround our noble lords by the dozens.

And Edouart Lamben made a brave last stand with the rest of the Grail Knights in order to buy some time for Godefroy Tirras and the rest of the stike force.

When both, Grail Knights and Knights were wiped out, as well as the squires and most of the Grail Pilgrims, Godefroy Tirrase took hold of the mighty reliquae and retreated with the rest of the army in order to regroup.

Because of the unfinished disembarkation and the hasty attack, we had to retreat back to the port and the city which Godefroy Tirras decided to use as a capitol for this quest and had to leave everything to those filthy skaven servants of chaos.
But our nobles will be avenged!


  1. Great battle and report. It's not easy taking good pictures of 10mm troops. Love the swarms of rats!

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