Warmaster Revolution v1.0 rulebook and compendium download

Alright, it's been some 7 months since releasing the first beta version of Warmaster Revolution rules. After lots of playtesting including a number of tournaments, we think we have seen enough to release the first full version of the rules.  Many thanx to all who made this possible. Thanx for all the interest and discussions.

You can download the document here:

 WMR v1.0 Rulebook download

Here you can see the same document with marked changes to v0.5:

For those who are not satified with just basic pitched battles and prefer to go deeper into the art of war(master), we present the Warmaster Revolution Compendium. In this document in addition to the main rules you will find a compilation of some scenarios, rules for siege (based on Warmuster magazine issue 2) and rules for running campaigns (based on Warhammer Mighty Empires Supplement).
Hope you will enjoy it.

 WMR v1.0 Compendium Rulebook download

Our next aim will be to set proper Warmaster Revolution website where all the changes to classic WM rules would be listed along with other stuff. We also work on finishing the army lists and transfering them to WM army selector.

Stay tunned.


  1. Brilliant! Great work. Really looking forward to reading this and going over the extra rules in the compendium edition and getting some games in!