Warmaster Revolution v. 0.4 update

There is new version of Warmaster Revolution v1.0.

WMR 0.4 is ready. It's still held as beta however, it's very close to live version.
The difference is mainly in typos and some minor issues fixes. Most evident changes are in Optional rules section where we added alternative Scouting rules (thanx to EA) and Advanced Terrain Rules (thanx to CJ).

You can download the 0.4 version HERE

Now something about the future and concept. We decided to make two versions of the ruleset. First one is basic version - the one presented here. There are no army lists in it, so players don't feel limited by the selection we originally made.

There will be also an extended version including armylists. Regarding armylists, we see WMR as an ideal opportunity to fix some long known issues, such as Steam Tank for example. We would like to encourage players to participate on this and to help us in finding general consensus (if this is ever possible). However, it should be stated, that this is not ment to be a chance to everyone's wild dreams to come true. The point is just to fix what is not working well in existing armylists.

You can find platform for discussion on Army lists and WMR in general on Specialist Games forum HERE.

WMR 0.4 change log

p.21 1st par.   find              (typo)

p.21 3rd par.    if they         (typo)

p.28 6th par.    p.53           (typo)

p.29 7th par.    means         (typo)

p.37 6th par.    or              (typo)

p.38 3rd par.     closest     (removed)

p.43 9th par.    20cm        (changed)

p.49 1st par.    ahead        (typo)

p.55 8th par.    7. Driven back..(changed)

p.63 2nd par.    phase        (removed)

p.81-82                (redone)


  1. I really like and appreciate the work you have all done on this. I'm currently working through the PDF editing it and marking it up with corrections (I'm an editor and this is a project I will gladly donate time and effort toward). :)

    I would also like to participate in the forums, but it is taking a long time for a human to validate my account. :(

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