Conquest of Agor isle: Battle #1 Kislev x Undead

First battle of our new campaign Agor isle - introduction to campaign is HERE.

Akhemthep wanted to move as soon as possible. He was fully aware of the other conquestors fleets that landed few weeks ago. The sooner he gets his army to move in the heart of the island the better. His silent troops were slowly gathering in front of the enormous camp while others were relentlessly working on it's fortifications. Suddenly carrion scout dived from the sky to its master to deliver an urgent message. Akhemthep suddenly realised he was too late. Carrions spotted some living troops crossing his intended path. Time for battle has come. He sent his word to the priests around. With raised hands and incantantions in their empty mouths, they moved their host forward.

Akhemthep's host met with the enemy along the road passing through one of few settlements scattered around the island.

Troops moved reluctantly towards each other.

Akhemthem's plan was to push forward on his right wing while being defensive on his center and left. Enemy was too cautious and started to retreat from oncoming mass of dead bodies while making the biggist misstake - leaving gaps between the units and brigades.

Two chariot units and carrions used this advantage the best way they coud smashing in and destroying two units in sigle turn and getting into flank of another. Left wing of Kislev army was destroyed. Rest of the troops moved closer to the enemy lines.

Infantry brigades moved even closer to the enemy's center. However Akhemthep had to respond to the threat of being outflanked by two lancer units on left wing. For this purpose he used his cavalry and chariot brigade to stop the possible charge inside the willage.

And the charge came. Two units of winged lacers smashed into cavalry and chariot units. Nothing seemed to stop them. Furthermore positioning the defenders inside the village would resul in complete destruction should they lose. However somehow miraculously the odds turned against the chargers and they became prey themselves (one lacer unit scored 1 hit out of 10 attacks - shame). The only succesful and threatening charge of the Kislev army turned into disaster for them and now it was only matter of short time till the army breaks. 

That happened few moments later. Akhemthem lost only one unit of skeletons and celebrated incredible victory.

Kislev had BP of 6, TK 8. Game ended in 5th turn. 675:85 points scored.

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